How to integrate MetaMask Wallet for MBL-i participation

3 min readJun 25, 2024


MovieBloc How to integrate Metamask wallet for MBL-i

Dear Community

This is MovieBloc Team.

Here’s how to integrate MetaMask Wallet to participate in MBL-i funding.

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet program that allows you to store and trade cryptocurrencies and NFTs through MetaMask.

Install MetaMask for your browser

(MetaMask URL:

※ We recommend to use Chrome

Press ‘Download now’ Button to install MetaMask.

Available to download at App Store(iOS), Google(Android) for mobile.

Search for ‘MetaMask’ on the stores!

Press ‘Get Started’ button to create your wallet.

To create a wallet, press ‘Create a Wallet’.

To import your existing wallet, press ‘Import wallet’.

1. Create a wallet (in case you don’t have a wallet)

① Create Password

Create Password for MetaMask.

② Secure your wallet

Please watch the short video to learn about your recovery phrase and how to keep your wallet safe.

③ How to keep Secret Backup Phrase

Secret backup phrase makes it easy to back up and restore your account.

Please keep this phrase on a piece of paper and store in a secure location.

※ For PC, Download this Secret Backup Phrase and keep it stored safely on an external enxcrypted hard drive or storage medium.

※ For mobile, Please keep this Secret Backup Phrase in secured place.

④ Confirm the Secret Backup Phrase

Please select each phrase in order to make sure it is correct.

⑤ Complete creating your wallet

Press ‘All Done’ Button to create your wallet.

⑥ Find your wallet address

Available to find the wallet address: [Menu]-[Account details].

2. Import your wallet (If you already have your wallet)

① Import a wallet with secret backup phrase

Import an existing Metamask Wallet into your mobile or PC.

② Complete importing your wallet

Press ‘All Done’ Button to import your wallet.

Once the MetaMask wallet has been created, you can integrate MetaMask from the project’s detail page within MBL-i.

On the page generated when you click the ‘Go to Funding’ button, you will be able to integrate MetaMask when you click the ‘Confirm’ button.

After integrating MetaMask, select your wallet address and you can participate in the funding.


MovieBloc Team.